Please how do i cure this? Its been 3 days and this shows up. Is…

Please how do i cure this? Its been 3 days and this shows up. Is agua oxinada for human okay to put here? Or any other suggestion. There is no clinic in our place so i don’t know how and where i can find any help. Please help me.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

Assuming this is a hot spot — you need to figure out what is causing the itch.  Remove all grains from your dog’s diet, try feeding her soft-poached eggs, and uncooked chicken wings if her teeth are in good shape.  Use pieces of fruit as treats instead of doggy biscuits.  Getting the grain out of her diet will help her system in its attempts to repair itself. Then to treat the hot spot first remove as much hair around it as possible — you don’t want wet, dirty hair holding moisture in the area around the spot.  Then try patting… Read more »

PK Dennis
5 years ago

No, no, no, no. I would not use agua oxinada on a hot spot. Use the witch hazel with aloe I mentioned in my answer (Hamamelis virginiana). Agua oxinada will irritate the skin and will not calm the itch. Just pat/blot on the witch hazel to help dry the spot and sooth the itch. You can do this a few times per day. Keep the area clean and dry (remove any sticky fur from the edges) between treatments. And figure out what is causing the itch. It could be fleas, allergies to pollen, etc. Keep grains out of the diet,… Read more »

Sandra Sellers
5 years ago

Check what kind of food you are feeding your pup. Hot spots on my pup was a learning experience in pet food for me. I was feeding her Beneful (horrible horrible stuff!!!) which was causing hot spots. Within a few days of taking her off that food and putting her on a quality food they started healing. I used apple cider vinegar patted on the spots. It promoted healing and discouraged her from licking. You also need to monitor pup closely and if they start licking interest them in something else. It can become a habit for them that needs… Read more »