My APBT was playing in the yard 3 days ago when I herd her scream…

My APBT was playing in the yard 3 days ago when I herd her scream and then suddenly her back legs were paralyzed. As I was running to her she dragged herself across the yard and cut her legs and belly. The vet said it could be either a ruptured disc or fce. Only an mri could determine. However, the MRI is $3500 and due to the expense, I opted to wait and see. She is on prednisone, Gabapentin and Tramadol. She is able to get herself up (wobbly) and walk with a rear lift to pee. She hasn’t pooped yet, but the meds cause constipation. Her back right leg is very weak and can’t hold weight. That leg is knuckling less and less. My question is, should we be doing PT at this point or still resting?

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1 year ago

Hi Jean, I’d honestly ask the vet who saw your dog what they think. I’d also prepare to find an orthopedic specialist…if your dog has a ruptured disc, she’s in PAIN, and a lot of it. You don’t want to prolong that.

1 year ago

Hey, that’s great news! Thanks for checking in.