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PK Dennis
5 years ago

You need to find a good, positive methods, trainer/behaviorist and start working with him/her NOW!  This behavior can be just the tip of the ice burg!  Don’t be lulled into inaction by thinking “some dogs just aren’t meant for a dog park” (I know they mean well by telling you this).  You should be able to take your dog ANYWHERE!  These first few signs of aggression are a BIG RED FLAG that your pup has issues that need to be addressed before she gets to the point that you can not walk her down the street without her wanting to… Read more »

Jana Rade
5 years ago

Not all dogs are intended for dog parks. Not all dogs are, or might ever be ready to deal with dog park situations. The best solution is to set up play dates with just one dog, continue working on tolerating multiple dogs but I wouldn’t not expect him to actually enjoy that. Just like people, who are not comfortable with crowds, not all dogs are meant for that type of situations. Plus dogs in dog parks around here are not all always friendly, which doesn’t help the situation. Nice, warm sunny days are the worst. The best time to go… Read more »

5 years ago

i want to echo this: “Not all dogs are, or might ever be ready to deal with dog park situations.:” and you know what? that’s OKAY. not all dogs need this kind of play situation! an alternative option for the sort of exercise your dog would normally get at the dog park could be a sport. bully breeds/bully mixes are smart dogs and they seem to excel in some sports! i have a friend with an APBT she runs in agility, and he thoroughly enjoys himself. engage your dog in a mental and physical sport, and you will never need… Read more »