I adopted my dog over a year ago when she was just under 8 weeks…

I adopted my dog over a year ago when she was just under 8 weeks old. I got her from my local shelter and they had it down as a boxer mix. She weighs about 85 pounds and she is 16 months old. Angel has droopy eyes (red part shows) and a light under bite. Her brothers was much more visable (adorable!!!) .. She has very long legs and a thinner body on top. She doesn’t run like other dogs.. She doesn’t really pay attention to whats around her she just jumps and knocks everything over. Her tails whips everything in her way. She steps in poop. She seems like a clumsy dog. When I first got her.. a couple people said they would put her on joint supplements because she seems like a very low energy dog that is going to be HUGE. What do you guys think her breed could be? Im starting to think shes a bull mastiff or something. VERY VERY VERY calm personality NEVER makes a sound and sleeps 24.7. ALWAYS hungry. She is very lazy. Am I being too dog crazy or is this just how she is?

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

For about $70 you can have her DNA tested.  The results can be very specific to very general, but they may help you and your vet make better decisions about how to care for her.  (My first thought was Great Dane too!  She sounds like she has a GD personality also).

Wisdompanel.com is the Mars website for the DNA testing information — I buy my tests from Amazon then register them with Wisdom Panel. 

Big dogs require a very careful diet to ensure their bones develop properly so knowing the mix of her genetics can be very helpful.  

Dawn Ferara, DVM
5 years ago

She looks nothing like a boxer in this picture, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some boxer in her history.

I would discuss these issues with your vet before you start her on any supplements.  Supplements can change mineral ratios in food which can cause problems for growing dogs.

julie brader
5 years ago

Glucosamine is great for joints….so is Wild Salmon Oil.

She looks like a Gt Dane to me too….. !! ?