Hi so my Cat Bug (9 months) fell out of our 6th floor window five…

Hi so my Cat Bug (9 months) fell out of our 6th floor window five days ago! (we’re going through steps with the company who installed our new windows to pay for these vet bills)

He was given metacam at the emergency vet then hydromorphine (IM)..
Then buprenorhine (o.5 mg) to go home and we gave it to him a several times then was advised to switch to 0.2 mg because we thought it was too strong.

Bug our cat is a respectful, happy go-lucky cat who’s never scratched or hissed at anyone. Since his traumatic fall and his two trips to the vets these a few days ago for care he’s been hiding in the closet or under the couch, he doesn’t like being bothered too much but he’ll eat food i give him, and we give him water with stringe, he seems so depressed.

I can’t afford anymore vet bills (i already have hundreds of dollars from emergency vet and medicine and check ups, i’m a university student) until the company notifies us their liable for the window and paying for the vet bills so in the meantime i need advice, is it normal for a cat (9 months) to be traumatized from a fall, he is typically a sensitive cat and emotional, he’s also a scaredy cat, he’s our little baby.

I don’t know what to do, why is he so depressed, what can i do to make him better?
no vet has spoken to us about the psychological damages this can do, only physical.

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