Hi Pawbly ? I’ve written in before about my 2 year old fully indoor cat…

Hi Pawbly ? I’ve written in before about my 2 year old fully indoor cat Pippin who is a chronic vomiter. He throws up 1-3 times a day, and it’s always undigested hard food with some liquid. He doesn’t throw up immediately after eating, usually a few hours later. Sometimes he heaves for a minute or so without throwing up, and it’s pretty scary as it seems like he’s choking.

Since I’ve last written in, Ive tried hairball gel for weeks to no relief, and had a very expensive ultrasound done on him to see if there was some sort of mass that was causing him to throw up, the vet said that all came back 100% clear, and suggested I do a biopsy of his stomach tissue (which I’m not sure I’ll do as it seems really extreme) or try switching the protein in his food.

We switched from his normal Limited Ingredient Diet Natural Balance green pea & salmon to LID green pea & venison, and he still threw up. We then switched from venison to LID green pea & duck, and he still threw up. These trial and errors are a bit stressful, as I have 2 other cats that are “free-fed” from the same bowls, so when he switches, everyone switches.

He does share one can of Natural Balance seafood wet food with the other two cats every morning as a treat. I tried taking this away for a week and it seemed like he threw up less, but still threw up every other day or so.

My question is- can I stop searching for an answer? Do I just have a cat that throws up? Should I switch to a completely different brand of cat food and see if that helps? All 3 cats love the Natural balance food, so I hate to switch for no reason, but of course would do so if it would help his tummy.

Thanks for your help!


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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, What an interesting question. My gut says that you shouldn’t ignore a problem, but I also think that you should still try to find an answer. Chronic vomiting isn’t good for anyone. I would keep talking to your vet about possible treatment options. Like diet. Keep trying options. I tend to go for exclusive gastrointestinal friendly options watered down and gi protectants like famotide/ranantidine/ etc and even gi motility agents like cerenia and metoclopramide. My point is to keep trying and not give up. I am worried about esophogeal ulceration long term and worsening of the condition leading to… Read more »