Hi, Pawbly!! I have a 12 year old Papillon and she had what looked like…

Hi, Pawbly!! I have a 12 year old Papillon and she had what looked like a wart or two just below her anus….for a while, they were much like a human-esque wart but now it has morphed into something else entirely. I think it may be in the hair follicle cyst or something similar category. I have googled it every which way but am unable to find exactly what this is….especially the small holes all over the sac. Shortly ago, pus and blood was slowly oozing out of the small pinhole like openings. It does not seem to bother her but I cleaned it after doing a warm compress then slipped a doggie diaper on her. Any ideas on what we are looking at here?

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Krista Magnifico

I’m sorry but I always recommend all lesions by the rectum be seen immediately by a veterinarian. I also recommend that they be surgically removed and submitted for biopsy. In some cases it can be removed easily and with minimal affect on adjacent structures. But the longer you wait the more difficult and expensive it is to remove and the more likely it might be to cause difficulty in defecating.