Diesel is 12 years old, he has been my friend and companion since I found…

Diesel is 12 years old, he has been my friend and companion since I found him as a shy 4 month old kitten. When I was still single I refused to date anyone with cat allergies or dislike. He has been my boy, my companion through some of the most difficult transitions in my life. When he had a urine blockage at 2yrs old I would sleep on the floor with him. I’m providing this context because I don’t want you to think lightly when I say that I think he is dying. I don’t want him to leave so early in life but I also don’t like him suffering. in the last 2-3 months he has lost around 30% of his body weight. He has stopped seeking out social interaction with my husband and I (normally we say “Diesel LOVES love”), He has stopped using his litter box, this is inconvenient for us but not a reason to give up on him. He has stopped grooming himself. He looks unkempt and shabby when he is normally fastidious about his grooming and appearance, it almost hurts to look at him so degraded from his normal extremely handsome appearance (attached picture is his normal health appearance). He is not moving around a lot and spends most of his day in the same spot (not one of his normal favorites). He is eating less although I am providing additional food options. As a result he is defecating less and smaller amount, his urine volume looks fine but the color is dark. He has had blood work and urine and fecal samples analyzed. he had white blood cells in his urine and very low white blood cell count in his blood, fecal was fine. We put him on antibiotics for 2 weeks, and started incorporating C/D prescription food. 1/2 way though that period I tough he was doing better, he took time to groom himself and began to seek out social interaction again, he still wasn’t using the litter box, but that isn’t my primary concern. The last 4-5 days he is deteriorating again. I’m unsure what to do, when he was 2 he underwent major surgery which was a very difficult recovery, but he was 2 and made a full comeback. I’m not sure he will ever fully recover from this, if we can figure out what is ailing him and if it is treatable. I won’t put him through major surgery again, the last time I was between jobs and able to care for and be there him 24/7 for the 3 weeks following. That won’t be an option this time.

There have been additional stress factors in his life. We moved to a new house in October, but generally I would say that both of my cats took that change very positively, the house has more room and a walkway that overlooks the family room, that they both like to spend time looking down on us. I got pregnant in November and miscarried in January so my mood was off, then 1 got pregnant again in March, currently I am 4 months along, my other cat has taken to guarding and spending extra time with me, Diesel either because of the pregnancy or currant illness has not been my buddy. While I accept that stress may not be helping the situation I have a hard time believing it is a cause, I know Diesel very well, we have moved 6 times since we have been in each other’s lives. Normally he talks to me, every time there is something wrong in his life he has made it abundantly clear to me, I have failed him this time.

Right now I am having anxiety about putting him back in the car for another vet visit since car rides have always been very difficult for him (if it can come out it does). What’s my next step? He doesn’t seem to be in pain but it is painful to see him looking and behaving like a shadow of his normal self.

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