My partner and I rescued a Japanese spitz female called Heidi from a pet farm…

My partner and I rescued a Japanese spitz female called Heidi from a pet farm. We have had her 3 months and lately she seems to be very restless. She doesn’t eat unless spoon fed, she now has diarrhea. She doesn’t like my partner at all. She will only come to me but runs away from my partner. She hides under a table in the sitting room all the time. She has never barked or made a single noise. I’m so sad as I don’t know how to help her

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1 year ago

Good morning? Dr. Magnifico is right- a vet is the best place to start. Please don’t give up on her. We have a German shepherd that took us almost 3 years to really get “right” but he is the best dog in the world and my heart now. She needs time, patience, and routine. I cannot stress routine enough! Make sure your routine is dependable- feedings the same time each day. Walks (good, quality walks at least twice a day) same time everyday. The more you practice the routine, the better the dog will realize that you are dependable and… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello, The best place to start is at your vets office. Please make sure she is healthy and protected from disease and parasites. After that she needs timw and dedication to helping her overcome her fears and anxieties. I usually recommend by starting with feeding and exercise. Let her know you are her provider and caretaker and be very very patient. It may take weeks or months of constant care and gentle kindness. She will eventually learn to trust and then she will learn to share. It takes time. She has to learn the things you are asking her to… Read more »