My papillon is an inside dog, she started refusing to eat, had bile and saliva…

My papillon is an inside dog, she started refusing to eat, had bile and saliva vomit ,I have had to feed her teaspoons of chicken rice gruel and water, she also sorta stands and puts her head down and zones out. What can I do for her?

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Adam Wysocki
5 years ago

For financial help, start by contacting local shelters and rescues to see if they know anyone in the area that offers an assistance program.

Another option is to just open up the phone book and start going down the list of veterinarians in your area. Call them and explain your situation and ask if they can help you in any way. I think you’d be surprised at the willingness of some clinics to work with you.

Also, the Humane Society of the United States has this link with a lot of ideas and resources.

Adam Wysocki
5 years ago

Great news! Fingers crossed for Cupcake! Keep us posted on how she does.

andrea Lee Roundfield
5 years ago

Get to the vet asap and discuss options later. This sounds very serious. How long has this been going on? The symptoms you describe remind me of parvo.

This is one example where knowing, meaning having built a relationship with your Vet and staff, would be a beneficial.

Good luck to you