I have a 14 year old cat and overall she is in really good shape…

I have a 14 year old cat and overall she is in really good shape for her age, except for allergies. She is on a special diet of Royal Canin Calm dry food and Hydrolyzed treats. I also give her the med in gravy once a day. She just had a senior lab workup a week ago and her glucose was elevated and the vet is concerned it might be diabetes ( I’ve been advised that a diagnosis of diabetes cannot be made just on one lab test – makes sense). I also found out that the med she takes, and has taken for awhile (which is Prednisolone), causes the blood glucose to go up and can lead to diabetes. I am livid! I’ve asked the vet and a compounding pharmacist all along if there were any long term negative side effects for her taking this med and they both said emphatically no. That was a lie. Raising the sugar over time and causing diabetes is actually a very significant negative side effect. I need to immediately change to a liquid allergy med (that we can have flavored like with chicken – works well), that does not raise the sugar and is safer than Prednisolone. I’m in the medical profession and Prednisone in humans can be an evil drug and causes problems in diabetic patients, for example my wife. Need your help. Thanks much.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I’m so sorry about your frustration. I’m not sure what your question is. But I will agree with you that I rarely ever use prednisone long term with my patients as I fear the long term consequences and side effects. I diagnose diabetes by the presence of elevated blood sugar and glucose in the urine. Ask about stopping the pred (most pets need to taper before stopping) and see if that resolves the elevated blood glucose. Good luck. If you need a second opinion I would ask about a referral or find a vet you trust.