I have an outdoor indoor male orange cat named rambo he’s about 4 yrs old…

I have an outdoor indoor male orange cat named rambo he’s about 4 yrs old and we got him from a previous owner 2yrs ago he was strictly an indoor cat now he goes outside recently there has been blood in his urine and he hasn’t eat or drank water in 2 days and he sometimes breathes funny I can’t afford surgery or antibiotics if he needs it but I’m gonna make an appointment with a vet cause the first exam is free it is Definitely serious

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, If you are on a very tight budget please address this early on with your vet. Ask them to start with an exam and a urinalysis. It is also very important to discuss your concerns for both short and long term concerns. I am also very concerned about urinary blockage which is both expensive and possibly fatal. In my clinic for clients with very tight budgets I talk about in home fluid therapy (like administering sq fluids at home (as long as fluid increase isn’t detrimental), pain medications, and perhaps even a medication for urethral function. I also switch… Read more »

3 years ago

GOod morning. I’m sorry about your cat. I’m very glad to hear that you have plans to make an appointment. This is serious. The blood in the urine is probably some sign of infection and at the very least he will need antibiotics. The fact that he isn’t drinking is very serious too. I would be completely honest with the vet upfront about finances being limited, but you are going to have to figure out some form of payment plan. There are ways to obtain assistance too… care credit, vetbilling, yu can call local rescues to see if they offer… Read more »

3 years ago

This is an emergency. Get him in first thing this morning.