my orphaned kitten has been bottle fed since we got her, now we are trying…

my orphaned kitten has been bottle fed since we got her, now we are trying to wean her and she refuses to eat anything unless its in the bottle. We made a mash of can food and milk, placed it in a saucer and she turned her nose up every time. After the day passed and she never tried to eat it we made another mash and put it in a bottle that she had bit the nipple off of and she went to town on it. How do We get her off the bottle. Now we know that she sees the bottle and she is hungry but will not touch food any other way

we have tried everything from touching her lips with our finger to offering her the food first instead of the bottle, pushing her chin into the food (careful not to let her nose touch) holding the saucer close to me while holding her (acting like i was eating from it) rubbing it on her gums, spoon feeding, setting her by our 2yr old male while he eats (which he bathes and potty trained her). Everything we could find to wean her and she refuses to eat unless its the bottle. As i stated before she even ate a can food mash out of the bottle.

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Kasey Litt
7 years ago

Hi Jaline- Kudos to you for bottle feeding this baby and saving her! When mama has decided she’s done enough nursing, she gets up and leaves. I assume when she is being bottle fed she is on her back and snuggled with you? Have you tried starting her in that position but licking it off your fingers? Once she figures out she’s hungry you can gradually move her out of that position to a normal feeding position. I wonder if standing up and eating is what is throwing her off? Also try some high quality kitten treats for outside a… Read more »