I have a 5-year old neutered male indoor cat who recently got constipated and had…

I have a 5-year old neutered male indoor cat who recently got constipated and had to have several enamas at the vets office. He eats crunchy grain free food, and since his episode I have started giving him canned food. What can I feed him that will help with the constipation?

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello, Thanks for your question. There are many things that can contribute to constipation in cats. Rather than just prescribe or recommend supplements I try to find the reason for the problem and then start treating that. Certainly there are many things that you can "try" to help move the feces along. There are laxatives like "cat-lax" some old fashioned home remedies (which I do not recommend), the addition of fiber, the addition of water, switching diets, and adding motility agents. But I have to confess that there is not one remedy that works for everyone. This is because there… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Here’s what I feed my kitties. I like Science Diet canned, because it comes in many flavors, and they like a little variety, (like all of us do), and they are ALL high quality. I stick to the big companies who have been around for a few decades. There are many small companies out there trying very hard to sell very high quality foods, but they have yet to stand the test of time and they are at the mercy of their suppliers. Small companies have a very difficult time overseeing and checking the goods provided from their suppliers. This… Read more »