Hi, My cat is 12 years old, male/neutered. He has been dealing with respiratory infections…

My cat is 12 years old, male/neutered. He has been dealing with respiratory infections and for the past couple of months.
He was recently treated for the respiratory infection with antibiotics. Respiratory infection came back within two weeks.
My cat also sometimes acts like he is trying to pass a hairball, but he never passes anything. He sounds almost like he is huffing or wheezing. Old owner has stated it has been happening for about two years. Teeth are also not in great shape, because of lack of cleaning. Yet the cat can eat dry food fine, still has teeth. Very stinky breath.
He currently has yellow mucus coming his nose and he is very sneezy.

Note: Echo where I live costs 500.00, Nasal flush, probably 500.00, and dental cost anywhere from 700 to 3000 around my home.
But there is a clinic in Virginia(4hours from me) that just does surgical that will do the teeth removal for 300, no xray. 700 with xrays. With allow cat to be put under without echo, as long as he has no greater than a grade 4 murmur. They only remove bad teeth.

I can spend 1000 -2000 on the cat, but I can’t spend 4000 dollars, which it seems like the high end.
Current vet wants all his teeth removed and for the cat to have a nasal flush. Plus echocardiogram. He doesn’t recommend antibiotics right now. He also says the cat has a heart murmur, which he didn’t have before.
We are okay with getting procures done, but it’s very expensive. And we don’t know if any of them will solve the problem. What should we be focusing on first? The bad teeth , the nasal issue, or the wheezing?
Current vet recommends in this order: echo, flush, dental

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I have videos on nasal flushing. It is not hard to do. I would ask for a feline practitioner who is comfortable doing this to help

Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Please let us know how things go. There are lots of affordable options. But you have to find someone who will y’all to you about all the options and all of the costs and then start helping you with narrowing down the list based on most likely diagnosis and most affordable. It’s a process and having a competent confident and accessible vet really helps. Good luck!

carrie Urquhart
3 years ago

If it were my cat I would focus on nasal issue first. My vets always did two rounds of antibiotics, possible send off a culture if nothing’s worked so far. The culture would tell them which medicine the bacteria is most susceptible to

3 years ago

GOod morning. Sorry that you are having this ongoing issue. I would talk to my vet and let the. Know that while you want what is best for your cat, price is an issue. Is the vet that originally prescribed the antibiotics still with the practice? You could always go to him as well and see if the three of you could come up with a curse of action that you are all happy with. I know that at my vet, everyone there is very good at what they do and they do at times go to each other for… Read more »