My Son’s cat Tom, is a rescue we have had approximately 12 years, putting his age …

My Son’s cat Tom, is a rescue we have had approximately 12 years, putting his age about 13 to 13 1/2. Best cat I have ever had in my house! He thinks he is a member of the pack of 3 Jack Russells that run around here, and will not hesitate to stop one in it’s tracks to bathe them! For approximately the last 6 months he has developed a snoring noise, even when he is wide awake, and his local Vet says he has naso-pharyngeal polyps. Over the last month or so, he has had increasing difficulty swallowing his food. He has been on an Iams dry food for years and never had issues until no. We have switched to pulverizing the dry in a food processor and mixing it into some can foods he likes but he still eats very little at a time and always acts like he is starving. Having seen your videos of removing polyps from a cats throat area has led me to reaching out to you for help/advice. I certainly don’t want this cat to starve to death, and his discomfort is clear. Every local Vet I have contacted here in the Norfolk,Va. area has come back with estimates over $2000.00!!! I love this cat, but at 13 years old, I can’t do that and send my son to is first year of college. I am completely open to suggestions, and if need be, open to a 5 hour ride to see you.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

hello, I have to say that polyps (in my opinion) are less likely as cats age. Next, I do believe there are still vets out there willing and able to sedate/anesthetize a cat and look for a polyp. Please call all the vets you can and reach out to every shelter and rescue for advice on who they use. If, and when you find someone please (please!!!) add their names via the storylines section above so it can help someone down the road. If we dont start sharing info we will continue to lose options and affordable care. If all… Read more »