My indoor cat has a sudden swelling on his chin that is painful to the touch, …

My indoor cat has a sudden swelling on his chin that is painful to the touch, because we have had a stray cat causing problems, I am guessing it is an abscess. I do have injectable antibiotics (farm living) and am curious if that is something that should be done. Unfortunately due to recent circumstances I am unable to travel to or afford the vet. He is monumentally important to me and I would like to take care of this ASAP. Can someone help with what to do please ?

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10 months ago

Hi there- sorry your cat is having an issue. If you do suspect it is an abscess from a fight with the stray- I would find a way to get to the vet. You’ve no idea what is going on with this stray, what the state of its health is, if it is a stray it most likely has never had any vaccinations… all valid concerns. If it isn’t an abscess from a fight, then you have to find out what is causing it? Possibly some infection of another origin…. If you could get to the vet in order for… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
10 months ago

I agree with Sarah. Call around ask about rescues and shelters. Anyone who can just see your cat to try to insure they are providing the best advice and treatment needed. At my clinic this can be done for a $50 exam and antibiotics can be scripted through Walmart for just a few dollars. Also rabies is super important to discuss.