My dog has a seroma above right eye. He is very clumsy and we think he …

My dog has a seroma above right eye. He is very clumsy and we think he simply hit his head on something, or while playing with another dog.
It has been drained three times, but continues to return. He otherwise is in perfect health and is not concerned with his lump in the slightest. How long do these things take to go away? We have already tried the “wait a month” and see approach.
Cheers and thanks.

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2 years ago

Hi there- seromas can take a really, really long time to absorb. Each tome you open it to drain it, I’m thinking there is a chance for infection. Maybe try just leaving to this tome to see if it will heal on its own? Have a chat with the vet and see what they advise. Best of luck!!

Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico(@kristamagnifico)
2 years ago

I would inquire about surgical excision to be done with it. In my experience it’s the only way to resolve it. And I don’t like draining. It doesn’t solve anything and it leaves them open to possible infection. Let us know what happens. Or ask for a second opinion if your vet isn’t amendable to surgery