My cat has a very irritated, red & inflamed throat and the vet examined him under …

My cat has a very irritated, red & inflamed throat and the vet examined him under anesthesia a while ago and he’s been taking prednisolone for almost 3 weeks and he’s slowly coming off of it now and will be done with it by next week. After all this time, we are still not seeing any results, he still coughs and gags all the time. I was just wondering if there is ANYTHING I can do at home to help him even a little bit. I know his throat is probably so sore and I just want to know if there’s anything I can try, such as a humidifier or switching to wet food.. anything!

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1 year ago

Hello- so sorry that no one has been able to toss some advice your way via Pawbly… I am hoping that you and your vet have found some sort of relief for you kitty🤞 I have not had any experience similar to yours…. so sorry I can’t offer any advice.

Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello, I’m sorry but there is t enough information here to help much. I’m not sure if you are talking bout stomatitis? Or infection? Or even dental disease? I also don’t know why or what happened under general anesthesia? Did they clean the teeth? Take a biopsy? There are dental specialists who may be able to offer a greater degree of assistance. Can you inquire about this? Also there are medications like Atopica that might help. Or even making a product for you like “magic mouthwash” might help. Ask about all of this and then ask what you can do… Read more »