I moved to a new house about 2 weeks ago & my golden retriever has…

I moved to a new house about 2 weeks ago & my golden retriever has been acting very weird. He whines & scratches at the door whenever he’s in the basement. I bring him upstairs to sleep & still whines, but he is fine whenever he’s outside.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

Changing homes is a stressful event to a dog.  He is confused and worried about the change — and when he is in the basement he is separated from his pack (you).  There may be smells in the house from a previous dog that are upsetting him, or it could just be the change in his life. You need to help him feel more comfortable with the move – take him for long walks around the neighborhood so he comes to realize this is now his territory.  He also needs to spend more time with the rest of his pack… Read more »

5 years ago

just trying to get an idea of what’s going on: when he is in the basement, is he separated from you by a door, or can he roam freely?  what door is he whining at and scratching?