My cat had kittens a week ago today and this is her second litter. She’s…

My cat had kittens a week ago today and this is her second litter. She’s on the front porch in a box lined with towels and blankets. Well today I went out to check on them and she moved three under this game board thing right next to the porch but left one in the box. And the one she left is breathing heavily and sneezing a lot. Should I move the kittens back or should I take the one she left away from the rest and give her formula?

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Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

Sometimes cats leave babies that they think will not survive. If that baby is breating heavily and is sneezing it maybe has cat flu. It needs proper medication and help with feeding, otherwise it will most likely die. Kittens with cat flu sometimes stop to drink because they can’t get enough air and thus the mother sometimes leaves them

Can you take the mother with her kittens inside and give her a safe place there? So you could watch the other kkittens, as there is a chance that the others will develope problems, too.

Robin Laybolt
5 years ago

If your cat moved her babies its because she doesn’t think where they were is a safe place to leave them, and if she left one behind it was probably because she got tired and would have came back to get the last one. Where ever she moves them you should leave them where she puts them because every time you move them she will just move them back, however if you notice one of them not with her then you can put the baby back with her, but if you notice that one of the babies are not getting… Read more »