A few months back I Adopted a 2yr bull/terrier mix that had been a lab…

A few months back I Adopted a 2yr bull/terrier mix that had been a lab test animal his entire life. At first things were going well with training and just all around life together, then we hit a wall. He started disobeying a little more everyday, now he almost won’t obey at all and seem to be much friendly with my one of the other male roommates (Odin has also been friendlier and quicker to warm up to females and hesitant to males) Now to my question… just the other I notice one of my roommate has been training him on the side, telling him to sit and shake and so on. Could outside influence be the reason for his disobedience and if so what do I do?

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1 year ago

I would enlist the help of a trainer. A well trained dog should obey, regardless. The side training from your friend may have something to do with your dogs change on behavior, but he still should obey. A trainer should be able to assist you in getting things where you want them to be. Best of luck!

Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

I do not believe that dogs have he capacity to disobey. They may get confused, overwhelmed or anxious/fearful and that may undo some of the training you have done but they do not disobey. I agree with Sarah. Find a trained professional who uses positive reinforcement and never think that your pup is trying to hurt your feelings or be disrespectful to you. They are only capable of love and protective self defense. Never manipulative hurtful actions.