I have a 6 month old puggle who just came to live with me. She…

I have a 6 month old puggle who just came to live with me. She is not house broken. She goes to the bathroom everywhere. On the floor, the furniture and bedding. She even goes in her crate. She will not go on puppy pads or newspaper. I will put her in her kennel outside for a couple hours at a time and she will not go in the kennel but as soon as you bring her in, she will go on the floor or sofa. She is not learning from my other dog who is older. I don’t know what to do. HELP!!!

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Gail, Congratulations on your new Puggle. They are a sweet, snorting bunch of happiness. They are irresistible and adorable and fun! For information on housebreaking see;https://www.pawbly.com/housebreaking-your-new-puppy/ For information on your puppy and their rearing see:https://www.pawbly.com/puppy-primer/ Puppies learn from their parents. It is an active process. The longer you wait to be disciplined and consistent with your puggle the longer and harder it will be to train. Start now. Be consistent, be kind, be forgiving, and be steadfast, after all it’s not your puggles fault they didn’t learn, its your puggles parents fault not being taught. All of these articles… Read more »