My 4 month old kitten was a stray before I adopted him . I’ve have…

My 4 month old kitten was a stray before I adopted him . I’ve have other cats and was able to train them not to use their claws. He won’t stop scratching me though. He has left multiple scars all over my body , he bats me in the face with all of them out and if I tap him on the nose to make him stop he takes both his paws and dogs his claws into my hand and begins biting . I don’t want to get him declawed but I can’t deal with the cuts constantly, he almost got me in the eye multiple times. What can I do? Also I’ve tried clipping his nails they are like razors and grow back in only a week . Way sharper then my other cats nails.

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1 year ago

Hi there- our current cat was the same way when we first rescued her. When she would “attack” us we would spray water. Not at her, and not in a stream- we would just spray it in a mist all around us, like a cloud of water. It has worked enough in that she does not attack us anymore… the dogs and the furniture are another story? Of course we had little spray bottles from the dollar store all over our house for about three months too.

1 year ago

Honestly, it sounds like he’s trying to play with you. What sort of play do you engage in with him?