As stated, she stopped breathing because of a reaction to the anesthesia. Our vet decided…

As stated, she stopped breathing because of a reaction to the anesthesia. Our vet decided she needed to be kept longer than their standard overnight. We’ve been visiting her daily, so Thursday, Friday, and today. Thursday and Friday, she was limp and seemed almost completely unaware of everything. She lifted her head when I pulled out my phone (she likes having her picture taken) on Friday, but otherwise barely moved and didn’t seem to recognize anyone. Even her (unrelated) sibling, who was spayed after her, received no recognition. This morning, on my way to work, I called my vet and found out she had a seizure this morning, and he dosed her with Valium to counteract it. My mother visited her in my place, and said she was no different than Thursday or Friday. I need to know how long I should wait before I accept that she isn’t coming back. I don’t want to believe it’s a possibility, but my vet said it was a step backwards. Neither he nor his partner will give me any actual scenarios. He beats around the euthanasia bush, but won’t give his opinion directly and his partner insists that she’s getting better every day, and is coming off as a liar now.

How long do I wait for her? What are signs of recovery? What could cause a seizure in a kitten who had no medical issues prior to her reaction to general anesthesia?

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Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

I agree with Krista. Kittens are so strong and surprised me more than once. I work in an animal shelter and sometimes we get kittens that seem more dead than alive – most of them get well, but sometimes it takes some weeks of extensive care – with force feeding several times daily and so on. But when you see them all healthy again, running around and playing it was worth it. Can your kitten eat/go potty by itself? I would give her time. If she has brain or nerve damage it can heal/get better – but that often needs… Read more »