Our six month old golden retriever had a warble at seven weeks. It was removed…

Our six month old golden retriever had a warble at seven weeks. It was removed and after a few weeks of issues- treatment for infection and severe itching the site was lumpy and hard but had improved to the point of just being itchy at times. The site is a couple inches behind his left front leg a inch or so above his first nipple. A couple weeks ago he was going in to be neutered and we opted to remove the hard cyst at the warble site while he was under anesthesia. He was released With trazodone to help keep him calm. He is quite rambunctious. Within a couple days the site developed a fluid collection about the size of a biscuit. I took him into see the vet and one of the partners drained it and placed a compression bandage. I saw the initial aspirate and it was serosanguineous. The dressing was good in theory but probably should’ve extended an inch or two towards his under arm to keep the swelling from popping out. A couple days later I took him back to the vet because the swelling would not stay under the dressing and was protruding out . They again drained it and I reinforced the dressing with coban but after about 48 hours the dressing was seeming to be uncomfortable and sure enough the swelling protruded the bandage. The swelling is now 1 1/2 to 2 times the initial size. It doesn’t seem to cause him pain. This swollen mass is looking pink but not sure if it’s topical irritation (dispite our efforts to keep a T-shirt on him he has got at it a couple times with his teeth and tongue) or if it’s initial signs of infection. I am waiting to hear back from the vet and I am torn as to what to do- insist they do something again or just wait it out and keep an eye on it. From what I’ve read, draining it is increasing the risk for infection and it’s likely the fluid will just return. My daughter works in a vets office and her docs recommended a drain but this is an extremely rambunctious six-month-old male puppy that we struggled to keep a compression dressing on (even with the addition of acepromazine after the first draining). I am doubtful that we could maintain a drain for any decent amount of time. Could someone give me their thoughts on the best plan of action for our little boy? I don’t want to be an alarmist who thinks something must be done just to satisfy my peace of mind but I also don’t want to make my puppy worse by inaction. Thanks in advance,

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, All of these questions and individual circumstances are why a good relationship with a vet that you trust is so imperative. We each have different experiences, preferences and then tailor these to eachbour individual client and patient needs. In general I don’t drain a seroma or cyst. An infection or abscess is another matter. I am not sure which of these is your pups. But at this age and with this description of your pup being so active and happy it is probably a seroma and I would probably leave it alone to resolve on its own. Which it… Read more »