My 2 year 3 month German 56lb boxer got up Christmas Eve with a limp…

My 2 year 3 month German 56lb boxer got up Christmas Eve with a limp. The vet said she tore her cruciate and sent us to an orthopedic for X-rays, the orthopedic did an physical exam and said yes she tore her cruciate, surgery would be $4808. He said he did not need xrays. After doing some reading and asking a lot of questions we went for a second Opinion the 3rd vet took xrays and said it’s not her cruciate that’s causing the limp it’s her hip. The base of her spine was Sensitive when he pushed his thumbs along the area above her tail and the position of the ball and hip in this X-ray. So He started her on joint supplements and an inflammatory. Two weeks later at our follow up visit her hip was visibley swollen and her range of mobility had decreased, so the vet took another X-ray there was no change. He started her on 300mg Gabapentin x2 daily. The next day after having the two Gabapentin the day before she woke up unable to walk on her front right leg, in addition to the back right leg that had been having problems since Christmas Eve. I called the vet he said go ahead stop the Gabapentin, come in today we will do laser therapy on her back leg, He started her on antibiotics in case it’s an infection and changed the Gabapentin to tramadol. (She had no pain meds yesterday) Last night she was walking with no problem on her front leg and used her back leg a little more. This morning we started her in the tramadol and did a 2nd day of laser theory and now she is limping on her front leg again. She also has very loose stool. Our vet said he sent the X-rays and info to his boss and both of them simply say based on her X-ray this is all abnormal and don’t know what is wrong. They think she is going to need surgery so I have to have 2k for that and now they want to do an mri and are asking for another $1500 I can’t do both. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing the front leg to act up now, could it be the pain meds, maybe she has some infection that has started to spread? Does all this sound like the cruciate and she simply needs surgery on that? Below is the X-ray and a pic of her swollen hip. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

I’m so sorry to hear about your pup. I really think that the best advice I can give you is to see a boarded veterinary surgeon to go over the condition and discuss all possible treatment options. It looks like the hips are the cause. They can help you with options and costs. If they are too expensive to treat with hip replacement perhaps and FHO is an option? I hope this helps. And I wish you all the best.

3 years ago

Good morning- I am very sorry you are going through this. As Dr. Krista said, I think I too would go that route. I would bring all of my information that I’ve gotten from other vets so far, go over everything in detail and discuss payment plans and option for treatment. I hoe it all works out well. Good luck.