My 5 month old American bully has a fluid filled sac on the back of…

My 5 month old American bully has a fluid filled sac on the back of leg. He had this sac on his other leg 2 months ago and the vet drained it, now he has this same thing on the opposite leg. They think it’s Seromas but want us to go to a specialist that is over an hour away and we dont have that kind of money. We love this pup and are trying very hard to keep him healthy…please help us understand what is going on and what we need to do to care for our little pup!

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That’s…huge. A lot bigger than I’ve seen before, but I’m not a vet. What sort of injuries is your puppy getting to cause these? I would work on prevention. As I understand it, seromas are the result of fluid buildup from surgery or injury, and often get infected.


I agree with Laura- is there injury that is causing these? I would have a long discussion with my vet too. Explain your circumstances and see if you can come up with a plan “b”. Best of luck!

Krista Magnifico

Hello, I think it is time for a diagnosis of the condition. Like sending the fluid in for analysis. Doing blood work and making sure this isn’t edema (from any huge number of causes). If you think the puppies playing are causing it you need to separate them and make sure they still get the time love and attention they need. In my experience I have not seen this with normal puppy play. I have however seen it with Edema from a bad heart, liver condition, or poor diet. But the list is long and you must start trying to… Read more »