Last year my mom got an indoor cat named Cody from a friend’s mother who…

Last year my mom got an indoor cat named Cody from a friend’s mother who was physically unable to take care of her 2 cats anymore. The two were together for 10 years and are now separated into different. Since I’m in high school I’m usually gone most of the day and can only give him attention after I get home which I don’t always have time for either. My mom recently got a job as a student aid at an elementary school, so now she is gone just as long as I am, only she tends to leave again for errands as well. The only company my cat gets while we’re gone is my dog which isn’t sufficient enough for him. Sometimes Cody tries to pounce and play with my dog, which only scares him. My cat’s extremely well behaved for his circumstances, but he’s in desperate need for attention., and I don’t think it’s very fair to him. I’ve tried telling my mom before that we should get another cat for him, as cats should have, but she told me that we can’t because her boyfriend is allergic to cats and a second one would be too much on him to go to our house. I’m a senior in high school now, so I probably won’t live here much longer, and that will make things even more difficult on my cat when he’s left with just my mom who will probably be out more often than not. I wouldn’t want to try convincing my mom to get rid of Cody because re-homing isn’t very easy on cats at all, so I’m not sure what to do for him. How can I convince my mom to at least get another cat for Cody? Are there any other options that my mom might agree with?

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Sandra Sellers
5 years ago

I would just let her know your concerns and ask her if she could spend more time with the cat.  Cats don’t always do well with a 2nd cat in the house.  It could take 6 months or more for them to get used to each other; and even then they may not be buddies.  That isn’t necessarily the best answer.  You could buy toys like a turbo scratcher or cat nip mice and leave them for the cat to play with during the day.  Most cats will sleep all day and then play at night.  They love toys like… Read more »

5 years ago

your mom needs to make the effort to spend more time with Cody.

i have a single cat/single dog household after my queen had to be put down about a year ago, and i stepped up the attention i give my boy.  he seems just as happy as he was prior to her death, now that he’s fully realized she isn’t coming back.

5 years ago

HI Rachel, Sounds like your mom probably isn’t going to go for another cat in the house. Maybe try providing or suggesting her different toys for Cody to play with that will help keep him entertained? Take a trip to the local Petsmart toy isle…Toys like scratching boards, hidey houses, even empty boxes, sprinkle cat nip on them–or even offer a pinch of cat nip on a small dish or plate or inside a hidey box will often entertain cats for hours. A small sock with catnip inside and tied in a knot are cheap and easy too. Ask her about… Read more »