I have a 7 mo old boxer puppy, Lola. She broke her back right…

I have a 7 mo old boxer puppy, Lola. She broke her back right leg last Friday running into a tree. She has a splint on, Monday was her first splint change. She’s not licking at it, but couldn’t settle in tonight. When checking it all over her two toes are red inbetween and look a little swollen. I ran my finger between the two toes and applied vetericyn. Is there anything else I should do until I can get in tomorrow to my Vet. ? She seems comfortable now?

Thank you,


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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Tracy, If you think that the toes look swollen you can cut the red vetwrap from the toes about 3 inches up towards the ankle. You can also cut the under wrapping of white cotton. But don’t cut the fur or skin, (she’s a wiggler so just be careful). This will relieve some of the pressure from the bandages. I will be in tomorrow evening, but the clinic is open at 8, Dr. Morgan is there at 8:30. If you need me you can get me at anytime.. xoxo to lola. If she is still uncomfortable you can give… Read more »