I have a mixed breed dog age thought to be around 9, medium size. …

I have a mixed breed dog age thought to be around 9, medium size. She loves to protect our 3 acres and will run the length of the property if the neighboring farmer’s dog is out in the field behind us. She is getting up and down more slowly, running not quite as fast but still as fast as she can possibly go. We tried her on Foster & Smith Joint Care but it upset her stomach. Is Cosequin another good supplement and what else might you suggest please.

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Lori, Thanks for the question! It is a good one, and one that I hear often. Joint supplements have been around for about a decade. Not only are many, many pets on them (there are cat versions too), but many, many people are on them too. I know of quite a few friends of mine that believe it has helped them, and they are proponents of it too!. When we talk about supplements it is important to remind everyone that all supplements are classified as a nutriceuticals. Nutriceuticals are products that are marketed as being beneficial for joint health,… Read more »