So Benzo has always seemed to be a dog that struggles a little bit to…

So Benzo has always seemed to be a dog that struggles a little bit to poop. I had him on Merricks grain free kibble and one day I decided to give both my dogs wet food by Merricks and next thing you know… Benzo is crying and pooping and chasing his bum. It was horrible. I couldn’t pick him up because his bum literally came out. The vet grabbed him and shaved all around his bum, she put a cone on so he wouldn’t touch it, and also gave me some medication. She said Benzo needs to be on a low fat diet (told me to get royal canin or science diet) I said I would go to the pet store and do some research and choose on my own. My dogs are currently on Acana Light and Fit because the fat is only 10% but the protein is 35%. I have noticed Benzos poops are very big for his size.. He poops usually one big piece or two pieces but they are as long as his body. Yesterday I went to the petstore and picked up CARNA4 Synthetic free kibble. Do you guys think I should leave him on Acana and figure out what the issue is? I know it could be too much fibre in his kibble. Or should I continue his transition to CARNA4. (25% protein) (15%fat)

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julie brader
5 years ago

Hello Karolina, seems to me little Benzo has a stomach/bowel problem going on. Is there mucus in his stools? Any blood? Has your Vet carried out any tests on his stools at all? If not then I’m wondering why. Also he could probably benefit from an endoscopy to see whats going on in there?  I think you need to get to the cause of the problem….not just keep changing his diet. Its not going to help him one bit I don’t think, changing diets can cause stomach upsets on their own.  If he was my dog I would be tempted… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Please do keep us posted! I’m really surprised your Vet hasn’t carried out more tests on Benzo…..something is going on with his insides. He might even have Colitis but there would be a lot of mucus and blood so maybe not. I agree corn is not good and certainly not for Benzo…its just a filler and his poohs will be huge on it. Really hope you get to the source of his problems bless him. By the way most of us on here who answer the questions are just people who have learnt things from having dogs for years. Its… Read more »