Is there a medicine I can give my dog monthly to prevent flea infestations and…

Is there a medicine I can give my dog monthly to prevent flea infestations and the other parasites without paying too much? I don’t like to put on the topicals but want to prevent fleas and disease in my dog and give her the best life possible.

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Trisha GREB
3 years ago

What would be a good o t Celera preventative option

Krista Magnifico
6 years ago

Hello Joe, What an adorable pup you have there! These days there are many options available for the prevention of fleas. Affordability, well that means something different to everyone. I suppose I would start talking to you about what concerns you have with the topicals? And where you live, and what type of lifestyle your pet has. In my neck of the woods (Maryland/Pennsylvania) we have a terrible time with ticks and Lyme disease, so most of the flea and tick preventatives I sell are for both parasites. There are some oral preventatives available, but they are about the same… Read more »

Kristen Vance
6 years ago

Hi Joe,There are many different products out there….many which aren’t topical. Some of the products our clinic likes to recommend to clients includeSentinel, Comfortis, Capstar and Trifexis. Each is a little different….and some more expensive then others. Sentinel currently has a rebate that gives you $20 back on the product… it’s also a heartworm preventative so your vet would have to give you a script to use it after a heartworm test Capstar is intended to quickly and safely knock down an existing flea problem, rather than prevent one from occurring. It starts working within 30 minutes of dosing. Comfortis… Read more »