My father has a old farm dog and his kennel cough has become very severe…

My father has a old farm dog and his kennel cough has become very severe, he no longer has appetite, very lethargic, coughing badly. I believe it has become pneumonia (bacterial pneumonia?) there is just no possible way to get the dog to a vet and it’s out of budget to do a farm call, ideally it would be great if I could know what type of medicine I could order from Someone already responded saying he probably had heart worm or heart disease. No, kennel cough that has gotten very bad. A real answer is greatly appreciated because like I said he cannot be taken in to a vet. Your suggestion is pretty much do nothing if he can’t be taken in

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Yang Tao
5 years ago

She might have a fever, you should do some research to gain more information

PK Dennis
5 years ago

The truth of the matter is that you don’t really know what is wrong with that dog if it has not been to a vet for evaluation.  It is most likely heartworm, which has not easy cure.  The symptoms of late stage heartworm, and heart failure are just as you are describing as ‘kennel cough’.  Heart failure is usually the result of long term infection of the teeth and gums.  Heartworms develop in dogs that are not receiving medications that prevent the worms from growing inside the dog.  If this dog has not been getting care from a vet it… Read more »

5 years ago

unfortunately, he really needs to see a vet.  can you find a way to take him in?

5 years ago

you expected free veterinarian help. naturally, the veterinarian who runs the site – for free, i might add – isn’t going to tell you “well it’s this, so do this” because that would be wrong to do so. it would be unethical. i’m sorry you feel you were taken for your money, but it honestly sounds like they wanted to do more diagnostics to make sure they knew what was wrong. the biggest issue, though, is this: of those of us who commented, only one is a veterinarian…and she couldn’t tell you what was wrong without actually seeing your dog,… Read more »