My cat, Mattie, is 12 years old currently and has been acting a bit strange…

My cat, Mattie, is 12 years old currently and has been acting a bit strange these past 2 years. She wanders into bathrooms in the middle of the night and yeowls loudly, but when you investigate she seems disinterested in you. I found that she has a habit of drinking from the toilet and assumed that the water in her dish was inadequate. I make it a point to refresh the water dish every time I pass her water bowl. However the yeowling continues. The vets I’ve visited have ruled out blindness and dementia, and simply say shes lonely. I don’t really know how to feel about this as she isn’t a clingy cat. Recently, she has been diagnosed with Kidney Disease, and I was instructed to put her on prescription food (Dry and Wet), and I can’t help but wonder if her midnight caterwauls are due to an illness I can’t see. Is there anything I can do?

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Please (please!!) call your vet and make an appointment. I think that bloodwork (full chemistry, CBC, urine, fecal and thyroid) are indicated. This is about $170 at my clinic. I also think that blood pressure and a talk about diet are warranted. I would also discuss cognitive dysfunction but ONLY after the exam and bloodwork are done. Also lead poisoning comes to mind. This is a case for your vet. If you don’t have one look into a feline only practice. Let me know. I hope we can find you some answers.

carrie Urquhart
3 years ago

Definely ask for a thyroid panel! Caterwalling is common with thyroid issues. I agree with the the other posts to ask for full bloodwork panels, especially if she already has kidney issues. In my experience kidney problems need to be rechecked at least every 6 months of not every 3.

3 years ago

Good morning? I would speak with your vet. Let them know your concerns and start keeping note of any changes in behavior that you can share with them. You could request blood work, but I’m assuming that she’s had some done recently since her diagnosis? However, with more information it’s possible your vet will know to be on the lookout for something else… perhaps more specific. Good luck ??