Our maltese has a collapsed trachea. Up to now we have managed via medications…

Our maltese has a collapsed trachea. Up to now we have managed via medications, but something happened to him. Now it is very hard for him to breathe, and it seems like he is getting very little oxygen. He no longer wants to walk, and has actually collapsed and fallen over. We have seen him have like a mini-collapse, followed by some leg shaking and then urinating and then vomiting. He is currently in a oxygen tent being "revived", but we need to determine if surgery is the right next step, or if there are other alternatives we have not yet tried. He is 9, but so cute and loveable! What do you recommend? And what can you tell us about the surgery success vs. risk?

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello, I have never had one client regret doing the surgey. Their pets could finally breathe. And they were finally happy, calm and comfortable. The patients wake up feeling so much better. That surgery is like a miracle. It, like all surgeries has potential risks and is not cheap, as it is usually done by a boarded surgeon at a referral practice. Your surgeon will discuss all aspects of surgery with you. There are not any other alternatives to resolve this particular disease. I would always recommend surgery. The alternative is euthanasia. And this disease progresses to eventual suffocation or… Read more »