i have a male shetland sheep dog that never likes to eat. apparently he only…

i have a male shetland sheep dog that never likes to eat. apparently he only eats when he gets agitated or angry and it’s only if i hand fed him. tried everything i can, change food brands and even cooked for him. now he even rejects raw chicken. he will usually sniff the food first, then take a few small bites and that’s all. i have also tried not to hand feed him for a period of time and he will stop eating completely for 2 days, after that only take a very little food from the bowl, enough just to keep him alive. previously done this for 2 months and he lost so much weight, and i gave in at last. he dislikes certain sound eg. fireworks, bikes and also sound of electric shaver and toothbrush. to get him to eat, i have to turn on my electric toothbrush, that’s how i managed to maintain his ideal weight. i know it’s wrong but i really don’t know what else to do. for your information, i don’t feed him any treats. got a new puppy recently as advised from the vet ( hoping he might eat ), but it’s useless, he’s not even bothered that the new puppy ate his food!

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Jana Rade
7 years ago

Hi Cindy, this is something I’d take quite seriously. Dogs love to eat! When a dog doesn’t want to eat, it is certainly something to take seriously. Jasmine was a dog who was thought not to be very interested in food, a dog who was thought to have a sensitive system. Eventually it turned out she had IBD. She was most likely to want something to eat after walks. Once she finally got diagnosed and we started working with the problem, she turned into a dog who loved food. I recommend trying to get to the bottom of this, and… Read more »