I have a male poodle that I’ve had for yr&1/2 but he will soon be…

I have a male poodle that I’ve had for yr&1/2 but he will soon be 3 in Feb. he has vomiting episodes which sometimes there are 2-3 days in between them,the color has been clear fluid w/yellow but the last 2times it’s looked like canned dog food, his food has been the same thing since I’ve had em which Purina Little Bites w/a little water. he was neutered in May of this yr. so could these be acid reflux episodes or something else?

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Kristen Vance
6 years ago

Hi Tara,There are many reasons for chronic vomiting in dogs. Has this occurred from the time you got him or just started recently? Does he ever eat trash or toys/objects? Vomiting is a common clinical sign in small animals. Although vomiting is a protective mechanism developed to remove ingested noxious substances, it also is associated with many other conditions. A few of those diseases include disorders of the gastrointestinal system, other abdominal conditions, systemic or metabolic disease, and drug toxicity. This certainly could be a gastric reflux symptom as well. Has any bloodwork been done? Bloodwork and x rays would… Read more »