There are five people in the house. He gets along with everyone. He started showing…

There are five people in the house. He gets along with everyone. He started showing some signs around Christmas when someone came to stay with us, but they disappeared for a while after she left. He has attacked my daughter’s boyfriend in our house, and two children at our family cabin. Lucky the children weren’t seriously injured. The boyfriend was slightly worse. He also attacked my daughter’s hand and arm three different times when he had a bone. Removing the bone won’t be a problem, but the other situations didn’t involve a bone and don’t seem to have any linking factors. This all occured within the past 2 months. I am very concerned for the safety of people around my dog. I really don’t want to have to euthanize him, but I am worried that even though we are going to see another trainer (the first was just a consultation visit), it may not help the situation. Please help me!

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Laura Kyle
5 years ago

I would definitely recommend having a behavior specialist come out to your home. Aggression is almost never unpredictable and is not usually the problem, just the outcome. A specialist is trained to evaluate why your dog is acting out and can give you solutions on how to safely correct and establish leadership in the home. In cases like this I would always recommend that a professional come out to your home. Best of luck!

Melva Letterman
5 years ago

See & talk to a trainer. Be careful how people in the house play with him. Other people should not be involved in his feeding & treats.