i have a 13 year old male cat who has a flea issue. i have…

i have a 13 year old male cat who has a flea issue. i have tried numerous shampoos and a new flea collar. the treatments are not working and he now has open wounds on his back. he has also started exhibiting seizure like activity and urinating uncontrollably at the same time. i need to know what to do

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Roger, Thanks for the question. I think it is best that you bring your cat to the emergency clinic immediately. Many flea shampoos are toxic to cats and the first sign your cat may display is a seizure. I would also recommend that you never buy a flea shampoo or collar over the counter. Especially if it says "not to use it on cats." Cats are very sensitive to many ingredients used in dog products. Even if you did use a cat product, some cats are sensitive to these ingredients. I have seen over the counter flea and tick… Read more »