A little over two weeks ago my cat had a viral infection. I took her…

A little over two weeks ago my cat had a viral infection. I took her to the vet and was told that she would heal on her own. Because my cat is naturally very small and thin, I was concerned that she wasn’t eating and drinking enough to sustain her tiny little body while she was suffering from the symptoms of the virus. I was given a paste to feed her, and despite how hard I tried I couldn’t get her to eat it. I’ve rolled it in her favourite treats, I’ve tried putting the paste on my finger and forcing it in her mouth, but she’s worse than a stubborn child. She’s just not having it and I don’t want to hurt her while trying to help her. So, I’ve stopped trying. She’s healed really well though and seems to be doing a lot better as her energy levels and attitude have returned to normal. I noticed that she has two lumps though on either side of her body, below her ribs, located a little higher up but not quite on her back. I’d noticed this a few months before she’d gotten sick and was told that I was just being paranoid when I’d worried about it. And she gained a bit of weight and I stopped noticing it quite as much. She did lose a bit of weight while sick and maybe that’s why I’m noticing it again? When my veterinarian called me to follow up on how she was recovering from the virus, I brought up the lumps. She said that I shouldn’t worry, and that I was probably just feeling her kidneys since she’s such a small cat. She said I should only worry if my cat was passing blood or vomiting, which she doesn’t. But I still can’t help but worry. You can visibly see that she has these lumps that stick out a little further than her ribs. I’m not only feeling them, but seeing them and that concerns me. I’d say that they might be slightly smaller than golf balls. I’ve just recently dealt with a lot of illness myself and don’t want to deal with the expense of taking my cat to the vet again in such a short period of time if I really don’t have to. I’ve never had a cat as thin as her, so it is possible that I’m just being paranoid. But I also don’t want to just let my cat suffer silently if she is actually sick. If it matters, she’s just over a year old and just your common breed of house cat. What do you suggest?

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Kristen Vance
6 years ago

Kristen Vance
6 years ago

I am glad your kitty is feeling and hopefully eating better! I understand what it’s like to worry about them- they are dependent upon us and we love them!

From your description I would agree with your vet that they sound like her kidneys. If they are painful to the touch, grow or change dramatically in size, or seem to bother her an x ray or ultrasound could determine if they were her kidneys or something else!

Dr Kristen Vance
Homeward Bound Mobile Veterinary Services