He came from the shelter, and he has had the one bad thing after the…

He came from the shelter, and he has had the one bad thing after the other happen to him. When we first got him, he was guessed to be just over or about a year old. He had demodectic mange, and then ontop of that a kennel cough. After that he was also treated for an infestation of tocsacara cannis worms, as he vomited out the worms at a stage, thats how bad it was. He was given a second and third deworming about a month or so apart form each other. It been about 3 months since he has had any problems, and his immune system is up, and he has re grown practically all his hair as well. He has to go the whole time, every 30min-1h, throughout the whole day and night. I’m not sure if it could possible still be worms after all the treatments, but my wife and I are really concerned, and wondering if he should go back to the vet for futher testing and inspection. Any advice will be much apreciated.

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Vicki Hamill
5 years ago

I would definitely take him to the get.  He needs Subcutaneous Fluids under the skin to make up for all the water he lost in the Diarrhea. Also needs to be treated for that !!