I Have a leopard gecko I got from a science teacher she has been my…

I Have a leopard gecko I got from a science teacher she has been my pal ever since. I usually feed her about 25 crickets every two weeks and change her water everyday. I also have a heating pad for her.Here lately she hasn’t been eating, in a matter of fact, she has not been eating in 3 months. her tail is starting to shrink.I’ve given her pedi-lite baths, I’ve tried to feed her worms instead she ate them for a while then stopped eating those too.Today she started to shed witch for her that’s odd she never sheds. I’m so worried about her I adore my Elizardbeth please help if you have any advice. I would take her to a vet but there is not a vet around for reptiles.

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3 years ago

Good morning,
I would start making phone calls to all local vets and rescues to try to find a vet with reptile experience.

3 years ago

How far are you from Bellwood? The Bellwood Animal Hospital treats exotics. Also: what substrate is she on? I worry about obstruction. Is she warm enough? How old is she? Are her sheds normal?