We have 6 dogs, 4 pit mixes, 1 dachshund and 1 dachshund mix.They have a…

We have 6 dogs, 4 pit mixes, 1 dachshund and 1 dachshund mix.They have a very structured home and usually get along great, until recently. a trainer we consulted said it may be excitement turned into aggression, but we aren’t sure. We don’t want to find him another home, or even put him down, but we are not sure if we have a viable option. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

Also, contact an integrative veterinarian who can help to rebalance whatever caused this (we see smart meters, vaccines, chemicals, out of balance fats in the diet and more as causes of aggression.  This is a person trained in many different approaches, including using conventional drugs only when absolutely needed. Working with one can increase the chance that your cherished companion can live a long and healthy life after recovering from this current problem. There are good ones and great ones, and a few homeopathic veterinarians will consult by phone or email. You can go to the web sites for each… Read more »

Jessica Alpha
5 years ago

Krista is absolutely right on all accounts.  Find a good behaviorist. But in the mean time: Keep them separated as best as you can.   When your male is out, he should be on a leash at ALL times.  This is to allow for quick handling if he gets out of control.  You should not be holding the leash, just let it drag behind him (consider getting a cheap leash and cutting the handle off so it doesn’t get caught on anything). Exercise is extremely important.  This big boy needs to be TIRED!  Walk him at least twice a day,… Read more »