I took in a lady’s cat because her son was constantly on the brink of…

I took in a lady’s cat because her son was constantly on the brink of death. She’s 8, is missing an ear, has a clubbed foot, and is declawed. So she’s pretty messed up and would be nearly impossible to rehome. She’ll use a puppy pad and loves our kitchen, but one of our other cats, Siberia, goes out of her way to attack her.

We put a baby gate between them, but Siberia can now jump it. This cat is now terrified to go to her litter box and puppy pad because she is afraid she will be cornered, so she pees on the floor mat. If I put this cat in a room by herself, she will never get any attention. We don’t know anyone who would take her. I’m having trouble finding homes for the healthy young adult fosters I have. For now all we can think of is to cage Siberia.

Any ideas?

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Adam Wysocki
7 years ago

Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for your question. You definitely have two very different issues and I’ll try address each. The first is the behavior issue between the cats. Some cats, just like some people just don’t get along. There are lots of things that come into play such as individual personalities, past experiences, how they were introduced, etc. Sometimes, they can overcome their issues and become friends and other times they cannot. One product you may want to try is Feliway. It’s a plugin diffuser that emits a cats natural pheromones and many people have wonderful things to… Read more »