I have a female pet dog (Labrador) of 8 years old. She had tumours in…

I have a female pet dog (Labrador) of 8 years old. She had tumours in her 3-4 nipples for one and a half months. Her veterinarian doctor told us to go for a surgery. We did so. Now, after one week of the surgery I have noticed that her front right and rear legs are swollen up. Her chest is also having a soft bulging appearance. Her doctor said that she might has mammary cancer. But he hasn’t done any tests to get a confirmation. Can anyone tell me are these symptoms really the symptoms of cancer?
She has normal diet and normally active. The doctor did a chest x-ray before surgery. There was nothing to worried about.

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julie brader
5 years ago

Hi, i don’t understand why your Vet has not given you more of a clear picture of what is going on with your labrador bitch. If she is swelling up as you say she needs to be seen again by the Vet with urgency….this could be fluid/infection or worse. 

I agree with Kelly more tests need running too. You really do need to know whats going on with your dog and quickly. Good luck

5 years ago

Hi Pritha,

It sounds like your vet needs to run some more testing to find out what is going on with your dog. I would call your vet and explain what is happening and ask for his opinion and if she needs to go back in for more testing.

Good luck,