My lab is only 4 & has never had a bath & DONT like the…

My lab is only 4 & has never had a bath & DONT like the how can I bath him

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Tonya Wilhelm
5 years ago

Hello.  You can slowly teach him the bathtub is a safe place to be.  I always recommend having a rubber mat on the floor in the tub, and a shower hose that you can hold and easily maneuver.  Take things nice and slow, and plan on working on this for sometime if he already has bad experiences with the tub.   Walk him nicely into the bathroom, tell him “Yes” and give  him a tasty treat.  (I like things like 100% dehydrated meat.  I also use these meat calories as part of  his daily calories, so no weight gain.)  Later… Read more »

Jana Rade
7 years ago

Are you trying to remove dirt/stink or trying to relieve allergies? (Considering your earlier question I figure the latter) What is the weather like right now where you are? If it is warm enough, you could do that outside. That’s figuring you want to do it immediately. Meanwhile, you can work on conditioning him so he doesn’t mind the tub. Note: I’d be very careful, though, if he has any raw wounds …. ? (also as per your earlier question) I’d probably use water only, ending with mild betadine solution. I do recommend you see a vet with the problem,… Read more »