Dear Dr Krista, thank you for connecting me to this site. Just learning how to…

Dear Dr Krista, thank you for connecting me to this site. Just learning how to use it.

We are picking up a pup this weekend. She will have her initial vet visit.
Information you can provide is appreciated. Your staff is a treasure trove of information. I learned so much from our corgis.
I plan to bring her right in for you to evaluate. She is a Havapoo and is 9 weeks
This little lady will need to be trained to have her teeth brushed every day, nails touched by the dremmel (?), and cost brushed daily. It’s important that she be really comfortable with all this process.
1. So, what tooth brush to
start with?
2. What nail tool is best?
3. What brush/comb to start her on?
4. How about a harness, restraint, leash, etc?

There are a few things I want to really get RIGHT: potty training, low barking, just woof and huff, and possibly hand signals.

My intention is to train her to be a cancer support dog for myself and later for others. I have read the book on potty traning a support dog and plan to use that method. It will be helpful to have something to prove or show that she is “in training” even at this stage as I will be taking everywhere until she gets the potty box pee and poop routine down pat.

Also, i picked up a soft side carrier with a seat belt hook up, a pouch snuggle for pups, and I am not planning to use a crate.
5. what kind of chewy toys, green meanies, etc should I get? I have concerns about strings.

We have small ceramic food and water bowls we use for kitties. Will these be sufficient?

I will find out what the Breeder is feeding her, how much, how often and bring some home. What food should we use?

-Lots of questions, I know. Everything will be helpful.

Connie K

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, Congratulations on your new puppy. All of these can and should be discussed at your first puppy exam. But I’ll try to answer them here for you and to help others here to. 1. As a puppy I recommend they get used to nail trims and teeth brushing just by playing with the feet, starting to trim at home with small nail trimmers and putting your fingers in the mouth to acclimate them to brushing down the road. I’m not a dremel person but the same pre exposure practice applies. 2. Glass, ceramic or stainless steel for bowls is… Read more »

3 years ago

Oh yay! I LOVE hearing about local puppies! Have you considered looking into obedience classes and/or puppy pre-k for your pup? 4paws up near you has an excellent obedience trainer, Kathy Forthman. I see they also have socialization stuff with Bob Chenoweth – I don’t know him, but I know the caliber of trainers who have used 4paws and I wouldn’t hesitate to use any of their trainers. We at Best Friends Dog Obedience also have a Saturday morning puppy pre-k at Roland Park Country School.

Good luck with your pup!