Hi Krista,
Thank you for responding. I just wanted to add that we do take her…

Hi Krista,
Thank you for responding. I just wanted to add that we do take her for walks and to the park with us. We are renting and my landlord didn’t want us to have any pets to begin with. So getting a companion is definitely out of the question 🙁 However we do take her with us to our families houses alot that have other dogs and she defiantly enjoys that. What’s really strange is that this behavior has just started within the last 2 months. We crate trained her from the very first day we got her 2 years ago and she’s been absolutely great with it.we even find her in there in the middle of the day our if we’re up late watching a movie. Lol 🙂 Recently she has shredded a small bed she’d had in there for months and a couple of pillows. I’ve put both stuffed and chew toys in there such add a pigs ear. I have also put a piece of worn clothing inside so she can still have our scent close. I did buy the thunder shirt for her last well and that was the worst day of them all, she shredded the pillow inside, chewed up the plastic piece that slides inside the bottom of the cage, flipped the cage over, squeezed out of a small whole on the bottom and pooped in my don’t room.:( She was waiting by the door wagging her tail when we got home not even 2 hours later. I have a small patio in front of my house I have tried to leave her in in the beginning but she jumps the 3.5-4 foot fence lol. This little lady is driving me nuts! Any other suggestions? Lol

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello again, How frustrating!!! It sounds like she really is very attached to you all and having a terrible time apart. If you think that her break outs are because she is missing you while you are away then it is time to start gradually getting her used to more and more time away from you..you also have to start minimizing the highs and the lows with respect to how you spend your time together. I know this sounds a bit odd, but she is soo dependent on you that you either have to start teaching and training her some… Read more »