Dear Krista Magnifico My adult cat Niko suddenly has developed sneezing symptoms and developed a lump…

Krista Magnifico
My adult cat Niko suddenly has developed sneezing symptoms and developed a lump between the eyes and above the nose. On occasion he has sneezed with signs of blood were present. We took him to our vet and they performed x-rays of his chest to make sure he doesn’t have respiratory infection which came back negative. They have already put him on two forms of antibiotics which have calmed down the sneezing and cleared up his eye some, but the lump is still present. They took biopsy of lump sent to lab for analysis which came back negative for cancer or fungal disease. They still are not sure what’s wrong with him. They don’t have small enough endoscope which can navigate up my cats nose to view if there is problem. I have already spent a lot of money and they want to charge $1200 more to flush nose and try to view whats the problem with instrument they view dogs ears which is the smallest instrument they have, which im worried about because if it doesn’t fix this problem were in same problem as before. Do you think it could be a polyp in his nasal cavity? He seems fine but won’t eat hard food anymore only soft food, maybe a little more tired than usual though.

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3 years ago

This reminds me of a cat we had a few weeks ago. He was always an outside cat and was fed regularly by neigbours. They brought him in, because he developed a lump between his eyes, suddenly was blind and desoriented. He also showed heavy signs of cat flu (sneezing, discharge…). XRay didn’t show anything, but a CT Scan showed that the bone was dissolving. We couldn’t help him anymore :(.

I would definitly try what Krista recommended. I really wish the best for your cat and hope you find out what this is!

Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico(@kristamagnifico)
3 years ago

Hello, I have never seen a polyp cause a facial deformity. I would be very worried about a tumor. In my experience facial deformity has always been cancer. Fungal Disease is very unlikely in my area. For these cats I tend to hit the antibiotics hard and aggressive early on. And I go through at least 3 different ones before I stop. I also talk about a steroid to slow down the growth if I can rule out fungal infection. I have also tried traumatic biopsy with a catheter and then nasal flush whilemunder anesthesia. I do not have an… Read more »